You ask "What is a whippet or what can they do??
See for yourself at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLfpgokisvw&feature=youtu.be_

O F F I C E R S for 2021
President Alice Mark
Vice President John Huff
Secretary Carol Huff
Treasurer Irene Matusz
Board members Lynda Campo
Jim Campo
Mary Lou Rosselli
Jen Gregonis

Upcoming Club Events

Results of events from 2001-2020

Results of events in 2021 (updated 6/27/21)


Steve Surfman Photography
Photos taken at some of our events can be reviewed and ordered on Steve's web site, click on his link to 'PhotoReflect'. You will find some of his photos on this site which will give you a good idea of the quality of his photography.

Please Note: If you find any mistakes in misspelling of names, titles, etc., on the results, let me know via email
Irene H. Matusz

A whippet story A short story, captured by snapshots, of whippet, Miss Priss, and her sheltie friend, Lilly
Mister Malibu's First Hunt A story most sighthound owners will probably be able to relate
Schedule, 2021
Updated 8/15/2021
A schedule of sighthound events on the East coast
with emphasis on whippet events for the current year
Send your club's new dates to Irene Matusz at pixiepriss0819@gmail.com
Weight Graded Whippet Racing Association Whippets race in classes according to there weights and can earn titles by defeating whippets within eight pounds of their weight for straight and uval race meets
JRRWA's AKC on 8/11/2019 MsTangent going for a BOB
Whippet Nationals, 2018 Tribute to my Turtle Whippet at the 2018 Nationals
Versatility, 2004 Some fantastic photos taken at the WRA phase
Some movies of whippets having fun
Versatility, 2001 Some shots taken at our versatility event
Events, 2001 Photos taken at events in 2001
Last NOTRA , 2001 Photos taken at the last NOTRA meet of 2001
Whippets in action Some photos taken at a WRA race meet
Some candid shots A look at how sighthounds (specifically, whippets and greyhounds) spend most of their time
Hangman Play the old hangman game with sighthound breeds

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Last updated 8/15/21
The schedule for East Coast field trials and racing
Schedule for 2021.
If your clubs dates are not on there, please send them to me at pixiepriss0819@gmail.com.